The 2013 Superbowl was one for the ages and one for the record books. From Beyoncé’s incredible halftime performance to a game delay over 30 minute and even shenanigans from Shaq.The game had a bit of a lopsided feel in the first half, but thanks to the power outage Baltimore had prevailed and Ravens won their 2nd title. As entertaining as the game was what really interested me was seeing the 2013 Superbowl commercials that advertising agencies worked night and day to create. A select few commercials that caught my attention were the Dodge Ram and Jeep commercials. I don’t know what the Ad executives at Chrysler were thinking when they made those commercials, but they definitely weren’t thinking cars. Both ads tried to capture a feel of patriotism and a sence of where the average American comes from. I nearly cried when I watched the jeep ad. they show troops coming home from war and you think it’s an ad to support our troops, but you see the jeep logo and feel a bit duped. the commercial had nothing to do with cars. It was a very well done and creative commercial, it just had nothing to do with the product they sell. You could argue and say that they were selling a message rather than an ad, but i tend to feel businesses try to make money with their ad time.

I decided to ask a few of my friends what they thought of the Superbowl and especially the commercials. James Rolleston stated ” The Superbowl commercials were way to extravagant, a bit edgy, but I especially like the Bar Rafaeli commercial with the nerdy guy.” My friend Scott said ” I was surprised to see not only a christianity commercial, but also a church of scientology ad as well.” I also asked my dad what he thought of the commercials he stated ” That Volkswagen commercial with the caucasian man doing a Jamaican accent was hysterical.” Now all three of them had different answers one main concept remained the same. The ad caught the attention of the viewer and in most cases remembered the product. By doing something new, creative, funny, or something just odd, if the consumer remembers the commercial he’s more inclined to buy the product. catching the attention of the viewer is the top priority.

With the 2013 Superbowl adjourned we enter monday as one of the most recorded sick days of the year. Fans relax and wait for the end of summer to begin the next season, but one wonders who will play in the next Championship? what show will they put on next? And of course, what are the commercials next year going to entertain us with?